Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kuingin cerita pada -Mu

Bismillah..dengan nama-Mu Yang Maha Pengasih Maha Penyayang ,

Our life is like a marathon, not a sprint.
The point is not to see how fast we can run, but to see how long we run..
how long that person can endure the challenge

There will be times of exhaustion and pain..
times when we are feel like want to drop out and give up..
times when we feel 'burn out'
Hang on in there, don’t lose the fight
Keep pressing on the button continue
no matter what happen
just stay STRONG

cause Allah is always by your side
 always there to grant all your du'a
 always hear all your cries

 Definitely and absolutely ,
 No one completes a marathon without learning the value of persevering.
 Nor does anyone cross the spiritual finish line without learning that same lesson.

 So ,let's never ever give up , May all of us succeed in March 2012,
 5 months more to go b4 our PROFESSIONAL EXAM !!! InshaAllah~

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