Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LEARN from your patient

17 Ramadhan 1432H

self reflection post home visit yesterday ,16 August 2011


treat the patient as well not only the disease
Ensure continuity of care

this is a summary of the patient's case :
a 48 year-old-gentleman with diabetes mellitus for 8 years and bilateral advanced diabetic eye disease (left eye blindness secondary to chronic retinal detachment )

I learned a lot from this patient
something which is most valuable lesson for me
I learned that health is WEALTH ,don't delay to seek medical treatment if symptoms present
Nothing is more important as compared to Health
being blind does not stop you from doing good deeds
in fact ,he teaches English to the orphanage as part of his volunteer work
eventhough ,he had to use taxi to reach there ,
being blind does not mean Life was at the end
because sharing is caring
even u do not have anything,u lost everything ,you can still share ur knowledge
make other people life more meaningful~

I received a message from my patient after the home visit :

salam.Thanks for ur visit
you are very pleasant and have good bedside manners
u will make a great doctor and patient will like you a lot
keep up the good work make sure you diagnose accurately & prescribe the right medications.
Be sensitive & caring
always update ur self medically & upgrade professionally .Good Luck !

I remembered those words which i quote from my beloved Prof Har :

"..People may not remember what u did for them or even what u said ,But they will always remember how you made them feel .."

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  1. yati bagus! terharu kan bila ada patient bagi galakan macam tu. :))

    aku doakan ko jadi doktor yang betul2 berkaliber dan berhemah tinggi. bila kita wat kerja kerana Allah, semua akan jadi baik. :)